Friday, April 27, 2012

(WL-1099) Champion Band T-shirt

Energetic, positive Straight Edge Hardcore from Seattle. Champion released two EPs, entitled ‘Come Out Swinging’ and ‘Count Our Numbers’ (which were eventually compiled onto one record entitled ‘Time Slips Away’), a single full-length album, ‘Promises Kept’, and a split EP with Betrayed (who featured two members of Champion) before splitting in 2006. Their reasoning for breaking up can be found on their MySpace page. Here is a small excerpt: “With all the pressure to do another record and to tour, it wasn’t what we “wanted” to do anymore; it was what we “had” to do. So before making any commitments that we would be bounded to, we decided to end it now, while everyone in the band was still friends and still loved everything we did as a band together. NO ONE SOLD OUT.” Other members of Champion are now involved with The Vows, another Straight-Edge hardcore act from Seattle, as well as On.

Price : Sold
Size : Large
Material : 100% Cotton
Measurement : W 22" L 30"
Condition : A+
(Like New)
Made : Honduras