Tuesday, June 12, 2012

(WL-1163) Shai Hulud Band T-shirt


Shai Hulud is a hardcore band with progressive metal influences. Originally formed in Pompano Beach, Florida, the band later moved up to Poughkeepsie, New York. Matt Fox (guitar) and Dave Silber (Bass) formed Shai Hulud in 1995 with Damien Moyal on vocals, Jason Lederman on drums, and Oliver Chapoy on guitar. “Matt was playing in several other kinds of bands like rock bands and they just wanted to play some hardcore” says former bassist Jared Allen. However, things with Jason Lederman didn’t work out and the band began to look for a new drummer. This, unfortunately, would be something the band would become accustomed to. In 1994, Steve Kleisath and Matt Fox met for the first time in Tampa, FL, when Matt was filling in on drums for Strongarm, the band Steve later joined as drummer. With a complete lineup intact, the band recorded a six-song demo and was soon signed to Revelation Records by Rob Moran, bass player of Unbroken, who received their demo from Jeanne Probart, a friend that worked in Revelation’s mail-order department. Although Revelation loved the Shai Hulud demo, they asked the band to change the name because they thought “it was too difficult to remember”. Shai Hulud’s first show was played on Halloween in 1996 at Discount’s (a Florida based punk band) warehouse for under 50 people. Damien Moyal quit the band when the band signed to Revelation Records. With the exit of Damien, Shai Hulud would recruit 14 year-old Chad Gilbert on vocals.
 Price : Sold
Size : Medium
Material : 100% Cotton
Measurement : W 20" L 28"
Condition : A
Made : El Salvador