Friday, June 1, 2012

(WL-1149) Verse Band T-shirt


Verse is a hardcore band from Providence, RI, United States. Forming in 2003 and going on to emerge in 2004, they have gained recognition for their own brand of passionate modern hardcore, covering issues such as depression, addiction and family decay. They originally split in February 2009 and later reformed in 2011 after a two year hiatus, with Sean Murphy stating that “it just clicked, made sense and is once again a very important part of our lives”. They will be releasing an new album in 2012 and a tour will soon follow. VERSE is: Sean Murphy - Vocals, Eric Lepine - Guitar, Zak Drummond - Guitar, Chris Berg - Bass, Shawn Costa - Beats. They have released three albums: Rebuild and From Anger And Rage on Rivalry Records, and Aggression on Bridge Nine Records. An EP, Four Songs, was the first material released by Verse. Before reforming, Verse played their final 3 shows on the nights of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday May 21-23 2009 in Providence. The Thursday show was held in the singer of Soul Control’s basement. The last two shows were played at AS220 in Providence with Shipwreck A.D., I Rise, Product Of Waste, Learn, The Body, Soul Control, Wasteland, and Crime In Stereo. Verse’s first show back is scheduled for February 11th at AS220 in Providence alongside Defeater, Soul Control and Sweet Jesus and VERSE announced today that they’ll be appearing at the Belgian music festival Groezrock in April of 2012.
Price : Sold
Size : Medium
Material : 100% Cotton
Measurement : W 20" L 27"
Condition : A
Made : USA