Thursday, June 7, 2012

(WL-1157) Winds Of Plague Band By Atticus T-shirt


Winds Of Plague is a symphonic deathcore band from LA, USA. The band was originally named “bleak december”, but changed their name in April 2005, getting their name from the lyrics in Unearth’s song “Endless”, from their 2002 EP of the same name. The band contains the heavy breakdowns and stance towards music of the new wave of deathcore bands, but their unique use of more epic, melodic keyboard driven passages put them in the front of the pack. Their music has been compared with Bleeding Through. Also, reviews, press, and others have stated that they incorporate an atmosphere of scandinavian black metal. However, fans and the band themselves (in a video interview) would disagree with the label. They tend to mix American elements of metalcore and power metal with European symphonic death metal.

Price : Sold
Size : Medium
Material : 100% Cotton
Measurement : W 20" L 27"
Condition : A
Made : USA