Tuesday, November 13, 2012

(WL-1384) Liquid Liquid Band x Stussy T-Shirt

Liquid Liquid was a New York City band that was active from 1980 to 1983. Their music was essentially groove-based, influenced by funk, dub, and punk. Liquid Liquid’s music did not easily fit into a genre, but it is often labeled post-punk or post-disco or no-wave. Arguments can be made for each genre (e.g., people who see Liquid Liquid as a no-wave band, often tell that Liquid Liquid did not follow standard song form , with their songs consisting entirely of bridges with no verses or choruses; and that like much of no-wave, Liquid Liquid’s music emphasized texture over melody), and to further complicate matters, they were popular with downtown NYC crowds that retroactively fit within all three of the movements (post-punk, post-disco, no-wave) and played venues that housed music from all three genres as well so more than anything, Liquid Liquid’s music should probably be taken on its own merits.

Price : Sold
Size : Large
Measurement : W 21" L 30"
Color : Black
Material : 100% Cotton
Condition : A
Made : Mexico